Blackjack rules online for beginners

Blackjack has become an integral part of today’s casinos and is one of the most entertaining games of chance there is. The exciting card game is of course also offered in almost all online casinos and often comes in a wide variety of variants. Who to get online blackjack  want to play , you should definitely be aware that you don’t always have to dig into your wallet to have an exciting blackjack gaming experience . In this article we will therefore take a closer look at how you can play blackjack for free and still get your money’s worth! Especially new players, but also players who already have some gaming experience, can benefit from the demo mode, and that in a simple way, because gambling is a bit like sports – those who train better and more often simply have “the Nose ahead ”and can assert itself better against the“ competition ”.

There are some online slots pay with phone strategies to increase your chances of winning. Anyone who has decided on a certain Black Jack strategy, such as the Black Jack strategy counting cards  , should also observe the following special winning rules:

    Seven of a kind

    Black jack

    Insurance (insurance against blackjack)




If a player reaches the number 21 by drawing three sevens, he has immediately won the ratio 3: 2. It does not matter what numerical value the croupier currently has.

 The blackjack win

When a player has a blackjack it consists of an ace and a picture (jack, queen or king). He then receives a win of 3: 2 if the croupier has not also drawn a blackjack. In this case the game is considered a tie.

 Insurance (insurance against blackjack)

If the croupier draws an ace as the first card, the player can insure himself against a blackjack from the croupier by placing a bet on the so-called insurance line. If the croupier draws a blackjack after the player has insured himself, this insurance is paid 2: 1 to the player. If the croupier does not draw blackjack, the insurance will be withdrawn from the bank. In principle, insurance is therefore a small side bet and has no further effects on the course of the game at


If a player’s first two cards have the same value, e.g. two sevens or two pictures, the player can split his cards. For each split, the player must place an additional bet equal to the original bet. From now on the player can continue to play as before, i.e. draw more cards, only that he now has two boxes and not just one.

 The double (doubling)

A player can double his bet after getting the first two cards. If a player decides to double his stake, however, he is only dealt one more card.

 The bust variant

This variant is not often offered in online blackjack , but it is very worthwhile because a win is paid out at 3: 2. With the bust variant, the player bets before the start of the game that the croupier overbought himself , i.e. has a card value higher than 22.


Blackjack rules suitable for beginners

As this article shows, the various Black Jack rules are quickly explained. So every player can learn Black Jack and earn real money with it quickly. All players who are about to learn the blackjack rules can get further support in their way of increasing their chances of winning with the help of our blackjack tips  and blackjack strategies . If you are looking for a suitable bonus to try out rules, strategies or tips you have learned, you will  quickly find the right bonus in our large casino bonus comparison , as only the best bonuses from the best online casinos are compiled there. If you are looking for free opportunities to play the popular casino game blackjack, you have come to the right place with many providers. Many online casinos offer a free demo mode, which of course does not require any real money deposit and is therefore ideal for all game beginners. If you use the free demo mode, you can not only internalize the blackjack rules, but also try out new strategies and increase your gaming experience. However, it is important that you don’t stay in demo mode for too long, because the really high and worthwhile sums can only be won in real money mode.